The Health Dangers of Anger, as Seen on THE DOCTORS TV Show


“Medical research shows if you always refuse to show your feelings or your anger, it actually can take a toll on your body,” Dr. Travis says. People who stifle stress are known to have distressed personalities. Dr. Travis explains how adrenal glands in the body of a chronically-stressed person will secrete more and more cortisol, the stress hormone.

As more cortisol courses through the body, it can have deleterious effects on almost every organ, as well as the nervous system and the immune system. “Over time, elevated cortisol can cause your blood pressure to skyrocket and all of these things, when combined, may even cause you to have a premature death,” Dr. Travis says. “Here’s the irony, though. If you’re constantly exploding with anger, [if] you’re constantly angry and showing hatred, that can actually decrease your lifespan, too.”
Jared, James and Tamer report from “The Doctors’ Digital Audience” to weigh in on women who repress their rage and feelings. “That’s one of the main reasons men think women are crazy, because they suppress their anger so long [that] it just unleashes itself out of nowhere,” Jared states. “I agree. You’ve got to get that conversation going,” Tamer adds. “If something is really upsetting you, have a calm conversation at once, because it’s got to come out sooner or later.” “We all know when you say, ‘Nothing’s wrong,’ everything is wrong!” James says.

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