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Anger Management Atlanta GeorgiaHas anger caused problems in your life? Do you say or do things that you later regret when you get angry? Do you say and do things out of anger that make your problems worse? Do you find the stress in your life overwhelming; causing you to be irritable, anxious, or with a feeling of being drained of all energy? Has stress had an adverse effect on your well-being? Tension headaches, sore back or neck, chest pains…and anxiety attacks are just a few examples of an overstressed lifestyle. Do yo want to learn better ways in which to manage your anger? Would you like to get a handle on your stress? If you are an individual that finds that your anger and stress is appearing too often, and that it is too intense; that anger and stress are affecting your relationships; that your anger and stress is now becoming verbally or physically abusive; perhaps you have outburst of anger at work or in public places…

Maybe you just want to be happy.

When your anger occurs too frequently, and when it’s too intense and last too long,or it has escalated to the point of destroying your relationships at home, work, or with others you may know or has turned to verbal or physical abuse, we are here to help. Anger Solutions Atlanta will facilitate a curriculum designed to your individual needs. Our individual counseling sessions allow for a more in-depth, personalized approach to facilitating anger management and stress management.Volunteer participants will usually set up a ‘Individual One on One Session’ to specifically address their issues, many do so by taking an Emotional Intelligence Evaluation to better understand the full spectrum of themselves in order to have an individualized ‘Action Plan’ laid out by an Anger Solutions Atlanta facilitator. This is the shortest and  most effective method to begin the process of change as once we listen to your situation and examine your emotional intelligence evaluation, you are immediately given a ‘Action Plan’ that starts your anger and/or stress management awareness. Most of our clients will schedule one session per week for eight weeks, but we will always schedule and cater to your individual needs.

As the sessions continue, individuals can expect to learn all about their anger and stress and the triggers that bring them about; we will discuss anger awareness and stress awareness and work with the tools of anger management and stress management to alleviate the triggers that cause our stress and anger by learning better ways of communication through assertive interaction, active listening, cognitive restructuring, and relaxation techniques. Clients will learn Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-control, social awareness and relationship management;

  • Self-Awareness is how accurately you can identify your emotions in the moment and understand your tendencies across time and situation.
  • Self-Management is how you use the awareness of your emotions to create the behavior that you want.
  • Social Awareness is how well you read the emotions of other people.
  • Relationship Management is how you use the first three emotional intelligence skills to manage your interactions with other people.

If you are reading this web-page, there is a good chance that you (or someone you care about) have an anger problem. An anger problem exists when people become dependent on anger as a primary means of expressing themselves; when they inappropriately use anger or the threat of violence as a weapon to get their way. Inappropriate and uncontrolled anger is harmful for both targets of anger and the angry person as well. Inappropriate anger destroys relationships, makes it difficult to hold down a job, and takes a heavy toll on angry people’s physical and emotional health.

Help for anger & stress related problems exists in the form of Anger Solutions Atlanta’s anger and stress management programs. These certified programs are designed to help angry people learn and practice methods of bringing their anger & stress under control.

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