Anger Management Atlanta Facilitator

Omega Angell, CAMF, FVIP, CPLC, MCA

Omega Angell, CAMF, FVIP, CPLC, MCA
Certified Anger Management Facilitator, Certified FVIP facilitator, Director @ Anger Solutions Atlanta

Omega  Angell is  personally trained by Anger Management Pioneer and Guru, George Anderson, BCD, LCSW, CAMF of Anderson and Anderson™ of Brentwood, CA and uses his model of anger intervention for Anger Management. Omega Angell also trained  with Men Stopping Violence, Inc. in Decatur, GA and facilitates the MSV curriculum of Family Violence Intervention at Anger Solutions Atlanta.

He is a Certified Anger Management Facilitator™, Certified Advanced Professional Life Coach™, an ‘ Ambassador’ of the Society of Emotional Intelligence™, Family Violence Intervention Program™ Facilitator and a Master of Culinary Arts™.

Anderson and Anderson Certified Provider


  • SoEI- Society of Emotional Intelligence
  • ISEI- International Society of Emotional Intelligence
  • NASW- National Association of Social Workers
  • GCADV- Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • GCFV- Georgia Commission on Family Violence
  • AMRA- American Mindfulness Research Association

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